dataTaker strives to provide the best data logging and measurement solutions. Part of that commitment is to provide our customers with the necessary support to make best use of the dataTaker range of products.

dataTaker provides a limited free support service on current dataTaker products.

Steps to take to when requiring Technical Support for dataTaker products

Most types of support problems have arisen before. These are likely to be documented on the dataTaker website under the FAQ section

Video Training Tutorials are also available from the website or the Resource CD shipped with our data loggers and other products.

Visit here for the online video tutorials.

If the problem is unable to be solved from either the FAQ databases or training videos please contact your local distributor or dataTaker office.

Complete the technical support form below and send it to your nearest dataTaker main office. Your enquiry is e-mailed to our support engineers. We aim for a response within 24 work-hours.

Technical support is available by email, telephone or fax

Like any data logger, the dataTaker range of products require configuration and setup before recording data. This can be quite simple or complex depending on your application.

What technical support is provided free?

  • • Hardware and software performance issues directly related to the data logger.
  • • Assistance with the connection of various sensor types. These issues sometimes will require the customer to supply us with an example of the particular sensor. This work may be published on our web site as assistance to all customers. If a customer wishes the work not to be published OR they are not able to supply a sample then this work may be charged at the standard technical hourly rate.
  • • Programming and structure advice of the dataTaker code.
  • • Reasonable assistance with the creation of applications.

What technical support is NOT provided free?

  • • On-site technical support. Customers requiring on-site support should contact a dataTaker office to obtain a quotation.
  • • Development of full dataTaker data logger application code. Contact our office for a quotation

Technical Support Enquiry Form

Please specify as much information as possible about your application. This would include model type, firmware running (e.g. V6.04), sensor types and configuration, method used in communication to logger; software and a description of technical issues or symptoms.

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